Thursday, October 17, 2013

A poet for our times

Jack Hasling
Here's a light verse poet who deserves a hand, a laugh and some promotion.

Read this latest poem of his and then if you're interested in seeing more, check out his two books of poetry.   I'll put the books and ordering info at the end.


Once when I was lightly noting how perchance I might be voting
There appeared upon my sill a parrot with a crooked bill.
Ah, distinctly I remember elections early in November
Engaged was I in making choices
Hearing politician’s voices.

I couldn’t help but see that doom was casting shadows in my room
Democracy was almost lost —it must be saved at any cost.
I asked the parrot in despair, and wondered if he’d even care
He look around from side to side
“Socialism,” he replied.

But what about Obamacare? We’ll need it if it isn’t there
We surely know it’s more than fair that healthy people pay their share
The sick and lame just can’t abide, and preconditions won’t subside
The argument can’t be denied.
“Socialism,” he replied.

Food Stamp programs soon might end; still opponents will not bend.
They’re promising to never spend, while money overseas they send.
On faith the hungry have relied
While dealing with their fragile pride
“Socialism,” he replied.

Our roads and bridges need repair; our schools not funded anywhere
But somehow no one seems to care: Protect instead the billionaire.
And while we struggle with this schism
Looking through a shaded prism
Quoth the Parrot, “Socialism.”

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—Jack Hasling 


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