Tuesday, September 24, 2013

That 1912 eight grade exam

When I wrote about how hard the 1912 Bullitt County high school readiness exam was last week in the Daily Times, exactly zero people asked me if they could see the whole test and maybe challenge themselves to take it.
So good news, you can.  You can find it at this site. And to get the answers and an explanation of the answers, go to this link.
Go ahead and try it; it's fun.  By the way, look for the misspelled word in the spelling list. 
The issue I brought up in my column was about the Keystone high school graduation tests now being developed to test high school seniors and deny them diplomas if they don't pass.  This is supposed to get students to invest in their own learning and I hope it works.
Right now, 61 percent of those taking the beta version are failing the algebra portion.  My question is, what are educators going to be able to do to lower that number drastically and prepare students for their college math requirement, which holds many back from graduating. 

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