Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Delco Repubs take a cannon to a rabbit hunt

Did Democrats who made the effort to come out in the Democratic primary in the 162nd House Assembly District on Tuesday cast write-in votes for Republican Nick Micarelli because:
A)     They think he’s such a wonderful public servant he transcends party?
B)      Certain Democratic leaders disliked the Democratic write-in candidate, Ken Harper, so much they secretly ran a behind-the-scenes campaign for the Republican candidate?
C)      Voters didn’t realize that Miccarelli is a Republican and just accepted the first rubber stamp that the nice poll worker thrust into their hands?
Nick Miccarelli
D)     All of the above?
I think it’s “all of the above” and I think that’s horrible for our supposedly democratic (in the small “d” sense) form of government.
It was, after all, a primary election, which means each party chooses its nominee for each seat to run in the November general election, most decidedly not the other party's nominee.
Yet 709 supposed Democrats voted for Miccarelli as opposed to 337 Democrats for Harper, better than two to one.
 I could maybe understand it if it had even been close, but, no, not even then. So my question is why?
 Why did the Republicans go to so much effort to get Miccarelli nominated on both ballots when he didn’t stand a chance of losing in November as a Republican?   Is it just for the sake of a press release or TV ad (“nominated by both parties!”)?  Just to rub the Democrats’ noses in  their ineptitude?
Why did the Democratic Party turn against Harper when it couldn’t find a candidate to run in the 162nd District in the first place and when Harper spent his own money to run as  a write-in in a primary where he surely knew that even if he was nominated, he would be a sacrificial lamb?
I sort of get the Republicans: they saw their opportunity and they took it.
I do not get those 709 registered Democrats who happily took the Miccarelli stamp and went into the voting booth to vote for a Republican, even one they know and admire, in the Democratic primary.
If there are that many Republicans in Democratic clothing in just one House district, that many people who changed their registrations to screw over the Democrats when they had the only exciting races going on in their own primary election, that's truly amazing.
But if that many Democrats did make the effort to come out to the polls in what was a pretty unexciting primary on our side but truly did not know, or ask, if they were voting for a Republican, that's pretty dismaying.
I have been a resident of Delaware County for more than 30 years, every one of them a Democrat, and perhaps that is why I will never understand Delaware County politics.
Actually I’ve never understood Pennsylvania state politics either, as in, cross-over nominations and a 30-day deadline prior to the primary to change your party affiliation.  You do know they don’t have these restrictions and confusions in other states, don’t you?
Somebody in the know, click on the comment box below and tell me why the enormous effort for Miccarelli in a district where he is the sure winner one way or the other.  There must be a reason.  Somebody educate me.


  1. Hi Jody, your last sentance saids it all. The reason I ran as a write in. The school districts in the 162nd district aren't being funded properly by the state. Also, one of the school districts is owed money from the Phila airport. The children in the 162nd district deserve better.
    Ken Harper-Ridley Park

  2. Well said Ken & my sincere thanks to you for stepping up to the plate. I worked the polls, handed out your stamp & even tried to explain to the Dems. that would listen why we needed to support you. It didn't help that we were betrayed by our own "Dem" Mayor. I wish we could have done more for you. PA has some serious problems, I will continue to work to change them to better serve our communities.
    Elaine Wasekanes -Norwood

  3. I got a card in the mail suggesting that I write in Miccarelli that never explained that he was a longtime member of the Republican party.

    The stamp offered to me at the door was for Harper, but the gentleman that held them never explained the situation fully.

    After taking some time before voting to Google Ken Harper was I able to see that the local Dem party was divided on his eligibility. Honestly, it was my first time hearing the name "Ken Harper" and the situation he was in.

    I voted for Harper, but I had to do some last minute research on him to make that decision. Not every voter will think to do that or have the opportunity/means to do that.

    It seems that if you don't ASK about local politic out here, you won't hear/read much about it outside of the clearly biased Delco Times.

    So, this loss falls squarely on the local Dem Party. They didn't do too much to shine light on the matter.